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Driving Change: Mission

At Firewood, we stand at the forefront of change

We empower organisations - from the FTSE100 to government bodies - to deliver successful projects with leading edge technology and internationally recognised best practice. 

Our team of experts specialise in project, programme and portfolio management, assurance, organisational assessments and so much more to continuously deliver measurable results and make a lasting impact. 


Latest News & Insights


Effective strategies for managing a complex business transformation

When the transformation is complex, the challenges become complex. So, how do we manage a complex transformation? 


Exhibiting at the first ever two-day APM Annual Conference

On the 5 and 6 June, the Firewood team were excited to showcase our products and services at the APM Annual Conference in Coventry.

Business Meeting_edited.jpg

Winning mindset: Confronting failure in project management

Success is the ultimate goal when managing projects. Having a winning mindset is the key to success.

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