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Delivering learning from experience review at a UK nuclear decommissioning organisation
June 6, 2024 | 5 min read

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From driving a Learning from Experience Review to being enlisted to lead the overarching close out report, Firewood have delivered value within a key UK nuclear decommissioning organisation. 


In December 2023, Rob Little and Meg Brodie were enlisted to conduct a Learning from Experience exercise as part of a project close out process. The review culminated in a report that highlighted successes, identified improvements, and provided recommendations to enhance future phases. Key findings will feature in the close out report, enabling the project team to apply practical lessons to current and future programmes, and to ensure a smooth handover to Operations.


Our approach to the Learning from Experience review included:

  • Reviewing all project and programme documentation.

  • Interviewing nominated programme stakeholders and the supply chain.

  • Conducting anonymised surveys for stakeholders to expand on what went well and what project areas need improving.

  • Facilitate a face-to-face workshop to aid a project deep dive with key project stakeholders.


The workshop was a vital step in discovery, as it allowed project stakeholders to reflect on project success moments along with improvement areas. Firewood facilitated this workshop through break out groups and group discussions, encouraging key stakeholders to expand into topics that were identified in the anonymised survey to creatively think of improvement plans. 


There was positive feedback from the workshop, here’s what some of them had to say:

 “Great session. Really useful to get together and discuss the issues, learning, and possible improvements. Fab to see the wider team…” 




“…very helpful and a great reminder to what we have accomplished over the years”. 


After completing these exercises, the team generated the LFE report along with an added visual for the top three takeaways and Firewood’s recommendations. This visual allowed the wider project community to easily comprehend the recommendations and put them into practice. 


Due to the success of the LFE review, the team were further commissioned to produce a full ‘Close Out’ report. The close out process required the team to review objectives, project scope, how the programme was managed, critical success factors, financial performance, resource management and governance, along with the key learnings from the initial lessons learned report. 


As the project and programme management capability improvement partner, Firewood are excited to continue driving value for this nuclear decommissioning organisation. 

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