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Review & Recover
Giving you confidence on how your initiatives are performing

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Projects, programmes and portfolios are becoming ever more complex, with multiple stakeholders needing confidence that predicted outcomes and benefits will be realised. When projects, programmes and portfolios are performing, your stakeholders will want confirmation that they're on track. When things go wrong, your stakeholders will want to know why - and what you’re doing about it.


Our approach embraces all types of assurance, and the relationship assurance has with governance and risk management, at all levels. We use a combination of our extensive industry experience, deep best practice knowledge, and cutting-edge digital technology as the basis for our Review and Recover services. 

We can also equip you with insights to quickly and easily assess change portfolio performance. We'll help you identify, where your strengths are (and how to leverage them) and what the weak points are (and how to strengthen them).

Project, Programme and Portfolio Assurance Reviews

As projects become increasingly complex, there's a greater need for assurance. We undertake independent assurance reviews to provide your stakeholders with confidence in the robustness of your projects, programmes and portfolios. Where needed, we also help you with improvement planning and recovery. 

  • Health checks

  • Critical friend reviews

  • OGC Gateway reviews

  • Project and Programme recovery

Office Work
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Assurance reviews must be conducted by experts who understand the importance of a structured approach and process, and who are able to advise, guide and support you. To enhance your organisation’s capability to undertake its own reviews, we work to improve the skill set and expertise of project leaders through:

  • Tailored assessment centres

  • Development planning

  • Coaching

  • Competency assessments

  • Assurance capability reviews

Assurance framework design and implementation

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Without a definitive assurance framework, the benefits of investing in and performing assurance is severely impacted. Organisations must ensure that assurance work is planned, coordinated, and proportionate to optimise its benefits. Our knowledge of best practice methods and extensive industry experience helps you create a practical and pragmatic assurance framework, tailored to your organisation’s needs. ​


We also bring our proprietary FAST (Firewood Assurance Service Tool) application that allows you to design and implement bespoke assurance frameworks to conduct reviews across projects, programmes and portfolios consistently using industry best practice.

Governance, Risk and Assurance System Reviews

Good assurance requires risk management and governance, each informing the other. We provide you with confidence in the completeness of your arrangements by reviewing your systems, making recommendations for improvements, and strengthening the links between governance, risk management and assurance, for a fully integrated approach.  

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