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Increasing maturity for faster, cheaper and more controlled delivery

Client: Quilter

Lead & Deliver

The Impact


Change portfolio


Common change framework


Staff consulted

We were asked to benchmark a £300m change portfolio of an international investment, savings, insurance, and banking group. Our experts developed a bespoke ‘business analysis’ maturity assessment to complement a P3M3® assessment so that it was tailored to our client’s needs.


We provided practical recommendations to address areas of concern, focusing on where our client would benefit from maximum value. We worked hand in hand with our client to create a change “blueprint” and capability improvement plan. We also provided executive coaching to senior change leaders within the organisation.


Due to the success of our initial work, we were subsequently asked to run multiple engagements to: develop a new change delivery framework; provide an independent assurance review on a strategically important programme; and assess and improve the investment and financial management processes within the CIO directorate.

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