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Strategy & Startup
Helping you create a roadmap and an operating model for success

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A strategy is only as successful as its execution. We work with organisations to develop their strategy, products, and services (business model) while crystalising their operating model and organisational design. Working in partnership with executive management, we focus on offering assistance in the following areas: 

Strategic Roadmaps

A strategy is only successful if it has a well-defined roadmap which links goals to the steps necessary to achieve them. Without a strategic roadmap, a vision and mission are merely aspirations without a clear path for execution. We scrutinise, develop and challenge the business model, objectives, timelines, and outcomes. Our focus is on ensuring a well-defined journey from strategy to execution, supported by the appropriate operating model and organisational design. This includes: 

  • Vision definition

  • Future state definition

  • Project / product backlogs

  • Project initiation

  • Programme definition

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Operating Models

The simplest definition of an operating model is how an organisation structures its people, and infrastructure (including processes) to deliver products and services. We develop the optimal operating model which facilitates your organisation to deliver value to the market and nimbly navigate challenging macroeconomic and microeconomic environments to position for success.

  • Operating model design

  • Target operating model design and delivery

Organisational Design

The successful execution of a strategy is dependent on an effectively designed organisation. Our work on organisational design begins with understanding your strategic goals and the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We work to align the people and structure of the organisation to both current and future needs. This involves:

  • Organisational design

  • People development

  • Leadership training

  • OKR development

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