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An established consultancy and data analytics firm with a growing reputation

We empower individuals, teams and organisations to always deliver successful projects, with leading edge technology and services based on internationally recognised best practice and supported by data science


We are trusted by the FTSE 100 and Central Government

We have a strong track record of success and encourage you to ask our clients about us



We are best practice leaders

The things we write are internationally recognised and used by major industries



We are capability driven

Our mission is to increase your capability to deliver faster, cheaper and more reliable projects, products and services

We understand how to raise your capability because we have helped many organisations get better at delivering meaningful improvements

We know how to tailor and apply best practice because we helped write it

We understand how to deliver large, complex projects and programmes because we’ve personally led and delivered them

We have the most experienced team of licensed P3M3® assessors anywhere

5 of our partners and associates were named in the list of the 30 most influential people in the project management industry in 2018

We provide your Board, your Audit and Risk Committee, and senior executives with confidence in your governance arrangements and that your projects, programmes and portfolios are performing 

We work with you to understand your strategy, objectives and key results required, and then help you shape a change initiative that ensures it gets delivered

We bring our expertise and tools to help you deliver your most challenging change initiatives, pragmatically apply best practice and tools that fit your organisation and work for you

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