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Lead & Deliver
Bringing our tools and expertise to your most challenging initiatives

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Organisations are undergoing unprecedented change because of social, economic and technological developments. These changes require organisations and teams to respond nimbly to disruption through effective business transformation. Transformation is a hard undertaking for organisations as it requires stakeholder alignment, mobilisation and successful execution. It's made even more difficult due to internal and external pressures resulting from a lack of skills and training. We work with organisations to lead the systematic execution of their strategy and build project, programme and portfolio management skills. Together we ensure successful and sustainable implementation which positions your organisation for success.

  • Industry leading project, programme and portfolio management

  • Leadership development

Project and Programme Management

Successful project delivery and transformation require organisations to keep pace with industry insights and technological advancements. Our experts, with a proven track record in leading projects and programmes in complex organisations, bring extensive knowledge of best practice tools and methods. We help you from project initiation through execution and benefits realisation to close any capability and technological gaps, leading to greater performance and innovation in your organisation. 

  • Industry-leading project & programme management methodologies, tools, and resources

  • Best practice management

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is where an organisation’s projects and programmes are prioritised to achieve strategic goals. The objective is to optimise a return on investment of change initiatives while maintaining business continuity. Working in partnership with executive management, we help to develop the organisation’s portfolio strategy as a basis for a transformation and implementation plans. Our approach keeps execution in mind throughout the planning process to ensure that the change programme delivers the full potential of a strategy.  

Capability Building

To create lasting change, organisations need to grow their project, programme and portfolio management capability. We provide consultants who conduct virtual and on-site assessments to identify skill gaps, provide 1:1 coaching for employees and build capabilities that enable sustainable transformations. Building in-house capabilities for driving and sustaining transformation is critical for ensuring lasting change. 

  • Coaching & mentoring

  • Leadership development

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