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Global contact centre transformation

Client: British Airways

Lead & Deliver

The Impact


Contracts renegotiated


Per annum cost savings


Contact centre operations in place

After previously helping the UK flag carrier with the highly successful post acquisition integration of bmi, we were re-called to run a global contact centre transformation programme. This role involved working with senior stakeholders across the group and their multi-national law firm to implement significant change in critical client facing operations. Key activities that we managed included: the shut down of a wholly owned subsidiary overseas; vendor selection and commercial negotiations with a third party contact centre; enabling 24x7 working in key offices; and implementing technologies to enable the transformation.


The programme delivered significant cost savings and helped achieve the group’s strategic objectives. We also helped create a bold 5 year vision that teams across the global operations could buy into.


We worked with the senior management team to understand their strategy and develop a Rich Picture to communicate with their multi-disciplined teams. Our Rich Picture helped staff get on board with the long term strategy and was displayed in offices across the world.

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