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Assess & Improve
Working with your teams to improve performance and increase value

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We bring a structured approach, reinforced with licensed project assurance and our own propriety tools, to assess and improve your people, processes, systems, and tools. We use a variety of industry standard models such as P3M3® and the APM's Competence Framework to review your people, operating models, processes, systems, and tools. We then help you with improvement planning, implementation, and embedment to ensure benefit realisation. 

Our sole focus is on enhancing capability to deliver improved value to customers and shareholders at the individual, team, and organisation level; we do this by focusing on the following:

Organisational Capability Assessments

Organisational capabilities are the assets (people, systems, and information) your firm uses to execute on its strategy. ​Developing the right organisational capability drives value for customers and determines a firm’s competitive advantage, resilience, and effectiveness.


An organisational capability assessment is vital in identifying your firm’s current strengths in delivering on strategic objectives, understanding future ambitions, and identifying the gap between the two.  

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We are an AXELOS Consulting Partner, licensed to consult in P3M3® services. Our licensed assessors bring in-depth knowledge of the model and expert experience delivering P3M3® assessments in a variety of sectors so you get the best value from an assessment. We also have experience creating bespoke maturity models should you require them.


Assessment and Improvement Journey using P3M3®

Leadership Development

Building great businesses requires leaders who are adaptable and capable of navigating uncertain times; who can create a culture where people can thrive and deliver.


Leadership development is where we expand the abilities of an individual(s) to perform in a leadership role(s) within organisations. Our services range from 1:1 coaching for your leaders through to full-scale benchmarking and improvement programmes at an enterprise level.

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Competency Assessments

A competency assessment maps an individuals's skills and abilities. We work with organisations to understand and identify an employee's existing competencies against those needed to carry out their role. Competency assessments serve as a foundation for identifying skill gaps and designing targeted training and development programs at an individual, team or organisation level.

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