Our innovative tools that help you deliver and improve are powered by data and behavioural analytics

​We empower individuals, teams and organisations to always deliver successful projects, with leading edge technology and services based on internationally recognised best practice and supported by data science

Firewood Assurance Service Tool (FAST) allows you to design and implement your assurance framework and conduct assurance reviews consistently using industry best practice that is tailored to your needs.

Digital first, and alwaysFAST is fully-online with no need to export to spreadsheets or presentations. You can work from any browser and anywhere with an internet connection. 


Best practice at your fingertipsFAST includes frameworks and guidance from internationally recognised best practice. It is always up-to-date and you can customise it to your needs.

Real-time everythingEverything you see in FAST is real-time - from the moment you start a review, all the way to completing key actions. FAST keeps you on track to success.

Firewood, in partnership with Temporall, brings the power of behavioural analytics and capability improvement expertise to help you establish and continually improve a high-performance culture.

Gathering and analysing data in real timeWorkbench from Temporall continuously gathers and connects data from across  your people, systems and records to provide a complete picture.

Turning data into insights: Advanced diagnostics and monitoring of key changes, patterns and trends delivers key insights into your organisation. 

Assessing and examining resilienceWorkbench assesses the ability of individuals to remain resilient in times of unplanned  change, leaders’ ability to lead through uncertainty and the capacity of an organisation and its people to keep functioning effectively.

SPARK is Firewood's project management methodology. It has been designed to be the minimum possible process that is sensible to meet the requirements of PRINCE2® and P3M3® Level 3.

We developed SPARK based on the principles of:  


  • a simple, scalable and minimal viable process for delivery

  • light touch governance

  • strong assurance

  • non-bureaucratic and minimally written

SPARK deliberately does not include training or guidance on project management methods or techniques as the intention is to provide you with as little process as is absolutely necessary to meet the requirements of PRINCE2® and P3M3® Level 3.