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Real time organisational intelligence for informed decision making and sustained high performance

Firewood, in partnership with Temporall, brings the power of behavioural analytics and capability improvement expertise to help you establish and continually improve a high-performance culture

Taking into account people’s perceptions and decision-making methods, their motivations and priorities give rise to important insights that enable you to better understand how you can improve.

 Cultural and performance issues 

Organisations wishing to improve their capability to manage projects, programmes and portfolios typically focus on the “technical skills” needed for successful delivery such as risk management or planning. However, the organisation’s culture and the behaviours of individuals within the organisation – so called “human skills” - have a significant impact on the performance of change initiatives. Problems that you may be noticing include:

  • Rules are being broken as a means to bypass processes

  • There is a fear of reporting bad news so all of your projects appear to be performing well

  • There are formal challenges raised over people being promoted to roles above their competence

  • People are hiding behind processes in order to slow down change initiatives

  • People are acting selfishly for personal gain e.g. sub-contractors seeking a contract extension

  • Synergies from integrations fail to deliver as people’s sentiments and how they work is over-generalised

 Insights from Temporall Workbench 

Workbench is designed to deliver continuous organisational intelligence. It collects and analyses data from a variety of sources across your people and enterprise systems to help you realise how work gets done most effectively and drive your organisational performance, helping leaders make sense of their situation, and act upon it with speed.

The platform sits at the intersection of enterprise software and organisational science, bringing the very best of technology and human expertise. The development team is made up of data and behavioural scientists, business and data analysts, and experts in organisational development and change management.

Workbench is built on enterprise grade cloud infrastructure, is GDPR compliant and has a multi-layered approach to privacy, security and trust including industrial end-to-end encryption and two factor authentication.

Gathering and analysing data in real time

Workbench continuously gathers and connects data from across  your people, systems and records to provide a complete picture. It uses a variety of A.I. algorithms and software techniques including  quantitative, qualitative, and sentiment analysis, search, meaning extraction, tagging, systems integration and Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) to turn data into insights.


Turning data into insights

Advanced diagnostics and monitoring of key changes, patterns and trends enables Workbench to deliver key insights into your organisation. Precision insights, recommendations and comparative reports, are generated remotely, securely and at speed via Workbench.


Assessing and examining resilience

Workbench assesses the ability of individuals to remain resilient in times of unplanned  change, leaders’ ability to lead through uncertainty and the capacity of an organisation and its people to keep functioning effectively.


 How Workbench gives you clarity 

We understand how to raise your capability because we have helped many organisations get better at delivering meaningful improvements

 The route to high performance 

As specialists in change management, Firewood offers a variety of services related to improving the performance of individuals, teams and organisations, enhanced by our partnership with Temporall. We can help you:

  • Understand what “human skills” are required for high performance of individuals and teams

  • Create environments that foster collaboration, innovation and transparency

  • Analyse performance data and establish improvement initiatives to increase productivity and performance

  • Establish how individuals and teams are interacting and put in place mechanisms to improve it

  • Monitor how your diversity and inclusion initiatives are working in the real-world

  • Model good behaviours, baseline individuals against competence models and plan development at all levels

  • Up-skill your workforce by developing and delivering targeted training based on industry best practice

  • Develop your leaders through workshop-based training, coaching and mentoring

  • Apply lessons from change initiatives that are performing to all initiatives across your portfolio

  • Design and develop processes and procedures aligned to best practice and tailored to your needs

If you'd like to know more about Workbench or to arrange for a demonstration, please get in touch