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Helping you define and deliver change initiatives

We work with you to understand your strategy, objectives and key results required, and then help you shape a change initiative that ensures it gets delivered


Helping your


People development

Leadership training

OKR development

Critical friend support


Helping your


​Project backlogs
Product backlogs
Project scope definition
Project initiation
Programme definition
Cost reduction


Helping your organisation

​Vision definition
Future state definition
Organisational designs
Operating models
Strategic roadmaps
Improvement plans
Service transition

We understand how to shape and deliver change initiatives because we’ve personally shaped and delivered them

Knowing the ground you want to hit running

Typically, our engagements for strategy and start engagements up last between 4-6 weeks.

Outputs typically include:

  • Rich Pictures that visualise your future state and the journey to get there   

  • Strategic roadmaps and project / product backlogs

  • Organisational designs and operating models that are best suited to take you forward


We also help you initiate projects, creating a sense of urgency, to help you get moving quickly.

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