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Simple, integrated portfolio, programme and project management frameworks that can be readily and quickly tailored to and deployed in your organisation

SPARK has been designed to be the minimum possible process that is sensible to meet the requirements of MoP®, MSP®, PRINCE2® and P3M3® Level 3

"Does the organization have its own centrally controlled project
processes and can individual projects flex within these processes
to suit the particular project?"

P3M3's Level 3 project management challenge to an organisation

Built for the way you work

  • Real-world definitions for portfolios, programmes, projects and related activities.

  • Governance arrangements that are light where they need to be and more detailed when needed.

  • Proven, comprehensive frameworks that are designed to work for everyone.

  • Three lines of defence assurance framework.

  • Processes described by lifecycle phase, by time or both.

  • One consistent, clear process that works for everyone.

  • Pre-defined roles and responsibilities that can be tailored to your needs.

  • Commonly used templates.

  • Deliverable-based and focused on what needs to be delivered during the lifecycle. 

  • Supports, traditional, agile, incremental and mixed delivery approaches.

  • Efficient, scalable design.

We have extensive experience of tailoring methods for organisations across multiple industries including infrastructure, financial services, nuclear decommissioning, manufacturing and IT

Our consultants have unique knowledge and experience of developing best practice standards and methods. Between them, the team have played key roles in developing PRINCE2® and British, International and UK Government project and programme management standards

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