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Enabling you to successfully govern your change initiatives, manage risk and improve delivery confidence

We provide your Board, your Audit and Risk Committee, and senior executives with confidence in your governance arrangements and that your projects, programmes and portfolios are performing 

Projects, programmes and portfolios are becoming ever more complex, with multiple stakeholders wanting confidence that they will get the predicted outcomes and benefits. When they are performing, your stakeholders will want to confirm that they are on track. When things go wrong, your stakeholders will want to know why and what you’re doing about it.

Our approach embraces all types of assurance, and their relationships to governance and risk management, at all levels. We use best practice for assurance as the basis for our Review and Recover services. Using a combination of our extensive industry experience, deep best practice knowledge, and cutting-edge digital technology, we can also help you establish and maintain a robust governance, risk management and assurance framework within which you can be confident that all of your projects will be effectively monitored and kept on track - or brought back on track.

We can also equip you to see at a glance how your change portfolio is performing, where your strengths are (and how to leverage them) and what the weak points are (and how to strengthen them).


Helping your


Assessment centres
Competency assessments


Helping your


Health checks
Targeted, deep-dive reviews
Complexity assessments
Critical friend reviews
OGC Gateway
TM reviews
Project recovery
Programme recovery


Helping your organisation

​Governance system reviews
Risk system reviews
Assurance system reviews
Assurance framework design
Portfolio reviews
Cost saving identification
Assurance capability reviews

Project, programme and portfolio assurance reviews

  • We can help you understand and raise the knowledge and experience of your project managers and project leaders via tailored assessment centres, development planning, coaching and tailored training

  • We can give you confidence in the performance of your projects, programmes and portfolios through one-off reviews, delivering a planned schedule of reviews, and equipping you to undertake your own reviews

  • We can help you set up your most complex projects for success by checking that the project team has the capability to deliver by applying the IPA’s Project Routemap approach

  • We can help you improve your organisation's ability to manage its projects, programmes and portfolios by undertaking capability assessments using the P3M3® maturity model and tools and approaches

  • We can give you confidence that organisational culture and the behaviours of key individuals and stakeholders are positively supporting management of your projects, programmes and portfolios

Governance, risk and assurance system reviews

  • We can give you confidence in the completeness of your arrangements by reviewing their efficiency and effectiveness to identify omissions and duplications, making recommendations as to how to improve them

  • We can apply our bespoke assurance maturity model to give you confidence in your organisation's ability to manage its project governance, risk management and assurance arrangements

  • We can help you strengthen the links between governance, risk management and assurance, for a fully integrated approach

Assurance framework design and Implementation

  • We can apply our knowledge and experience of best practice methods and frameworks together with Firewood’s own governance, risk and assurance method to help you create a practical and pragmatic assurance framework, tailored to your organisation’s needs

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and recover services

Transforming assurance through innovation

Firewood Assurance Service Tool (FAST) allows you to design and implement your assurance framework and conduct assurance reviews consistently using industry best practice that is tailored to your needs.

Digital first, and always: FAST is fully-online with no need to export to spreadsheets or presentations. You can work from any browser and anywhere with an internet connection.


Best practice at your fingertips: FAST includes frameworks and guidance from internationally recognised best practice. It is always up-to-date and you can customise it to your needs.

Real-time everything: Everything you see in FAST is real-time - from the moment you start a review, all the way to completing key actions. FAST keeps you on track to success.

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