We work with organisations large and small. Typically, we work with FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companises and central government bodies. Our clients trust us because we always operate with integrity and we deliver what we promise. We're also fun to work with!


Read some of our case studies below and get in touch if you want to hear directly from our clients

One of the world's leading international airlines

After previously helping this flag carrier with a highly successful post acquisition integration, we were re-called to lead a global contact centre transformation programme. This role involved working with senior stakeholders across the group and their multi-national law firm to implement significant change in critical client facing operations. Key activities that we managed included: the shut down of a wholly owned subsidiary overseas; vendor selection and commercial negotiations with a third party contact centre; enabling 24x7 working in key offices; and implementing technologies to enable the overall transformation. The programme delivered significant cost savings and helped achieve the group’s strategic objectives. 

One of the largest stock exchanges in the world

We were the M&A integration consultants for sales, marketing and client engagement for a leading global provider of benchmarks, analytics and data solutions. We also helped define and deliver a portfolio of strategic sales projects, involving process automation, enabling technology and risk management. We worked across all levels of the business including regular engagement with the C-Suite to deliver plans against investment business cases.

A FTSE100 financial institution

We were asked to benchmark a £300m change portfolio of an international investment, savings, insurance, and banking group. Our renowned experts also developed a bespoke ‘business analysis’ maturity assessment tailored to our client’s needs. We provided practical recommendations to address areas of concern, focusing on where our client would benefit maximum value. We worked hand in hand with our client to create a change “blueprint” and capability improvement plan. We also provided executive coaching to senior change leaders within the organisation.

A UK train operating company

Our client needed to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction whilst balancing the pressures of cost reduction directives and transitioning of key services. Our team evaluated all customer touch points, mapped the processes and defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) putting our client at the forefront of the changing landscape in customer handling. This included customer self-service and a re-direct to digital channels. As a result our client reduced complexity in their processes which lowered demand for customer contact.  Our recommended improvements in customer bookings also helped drive up customer satisfaction whilst significantly reducing operational costs.

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